Weapons & Guns Attorneys in Orlando, Florida

Issues surrounding weapons and guns are becoming more common every day, and that certainly holds true in Florida. More than 12,000 people every year are arrested and charged with a weapons-related offense in the state. If you are facing such a situation, you owe it to yourself to contact a lawyer and build a strong and ethical defense.

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There are two charges that are most prevalent in Florida, and each of them is explained below.

Concealed Weapons

Florida is much like any other jurisdiction in that some people are allowed to carry concealed weapons, but anyone who does so must pass strict licensing requirements. If someone is found to be carrying a concealed weapon without the proper license, that person can face a charge that is a third-degree felony, which carries with it a prison term of up to five years with a conviction.

The licensing requirements to carry a concealed weapon, generally stated, include a valid and legitimate reason to do so, and every applicant must pass a background check that will show neither any documented criminal history nor any history of substance abuse. The person must also be of proper age.

Weapons Possession

Even if someone's weapon is not going to be concealed, Florida still imposes strict guidelines on gun ownership in general. The Florida statutes expressly prohibit the following parties from legally owning any firearm:

  • A person who is subject to an active domestic violence injunction or charge;
  • Anyone found to be a drug addict, a vagrant, or mentally incompetent;
  • Any party under the age of 16, unless the gun is not loaded and is at home and stored under parental supervision;
  • Anyone convicted of a felony and who hasn't had his or her civil rights restored;

If someone is found to possess a gun who has not passed through the ownership registration requirements or who falls into one of the categories detailed above they could be found guilty of illegal weapons possession, and the charges that accompany that situation are severe in nature.

Depending on the specifics of the situation, these charges could be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony. The penalties associated with a conviction under a weapons possession charge range from a stiff fine to several years in prison if convicted of a felony.

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