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Sealing & Expunging Attorneys in Orlando, Florida

Don’t Let One Mistake Ruin Your Life

Contrary to popular belief, a criminal arrest record does not simply go away over time. Instead, it will remain PUBLIC and PERMANENT unless a judge orders it to be sealed or expunged. Even without a conviction, a criminal case can cause people serious problems in employment, housing, and other important areas.

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If you are eligible, sealing or expunging a criminal arrest record is an easy way to put your past where it belongs… in your past.

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How Does the Process Work?

We begin by reviewing your criminal history and then applying for eligibility through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Upon receiving a Certificate of Eligibility, we will then petition the Court to seal or expunge your criminal arrest record. Once your criminal case is officially sealed or expunged, you can then LEGALLY deny or fail to acknowledge anything having to do with your arrest and criminal case!

Sealing your record

Florida statute for expunging your record