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orlando-criminal-defense-law-firm-scot-medlingIf you have been arrested for and charged with any crime in or around Orlando Florida, you face a serious problem.  Criminal charges in Florida, depending on their severity, can carry heavy penalties or have serious consequences, which is why you need to secure a lawyer as soon as this problem arises.  You are guaranteed representation under the Constitution, and the attorneys at the law firm of Scott & Medling, P.A., have been representing clients charged with crimes in Florida for many years. Contact us today for a Free consultation.


Roger-Scott-Cathy-Medling-photoScott and Medling is a premier criminal defense law firm in Orlando, Florida, known throughout the state for successful litigation of complex and high profile cases. At Scott and Medling, each of our attorneys has more than 20 years of experience in handling criminal cases. No matter if you’re charged with Assault & Battery, Burglary, Theft, Drug Crimes such as Marijuana, Cannabis & Cocaine Possession & Trafficking, DUI / Drunk Driving, Homicide, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Weapons & Gun Charges, Traffic Offenses as well as other felony charges. Scott and Medling, PA Trial Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys have demonstrated a proven ability to successfully handle any case, including yours.


trial-lawyer-attorney-criminal-defenseScott and Medling is unique because we devote immense attention and personal service to each case, giving clients the attention not typically received by other firms. We know how to best present a case to a jury, which is why so many of our clients come to us. We have earned a reputation for fighting hard. This often affects the perceptions of all involved, including opposing counsel, creating outstanding resolution opportunities.


Unlike other firms that handle hundreds of cases, we only take on a certain number at a time so we can do the best, detail-oriented job possible. The firm uses a highly focused team approach in preparation, motion practice and trial presentation. When preparing a case for trial, each of our criminal defense attorneys & trial lawyers will review the client’s case individually and again as a firm to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you do face a legal problem in Florida that is criminal in nature, you have no time to waste. You need to secure an attorney immediately so that your rights can be properly protected and asserted.  The longer you wait to seek the help of an attorney the more exposure you will have to criminal penalties. Click here to contact us today.

If you are arrested or confronted by the police:

1. FIRST, ask to call your lawyer.

2. Be courteous; do not resist.

3. Do not consent to search or entry.

4. Do not talk about ANYTHING, do not admit OR DENY anything.

5. Ask if you are free to go. If you are, GO.